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Want to sell more cars or write more finance deals?

You’ve tried PPC, buying leads or the traditional channels like classifieds. Getting tired of diminishing returns or poor quality, expensive leads? Can’t predict your returns from month to month with any confidence?

Now is the time to harness the power of Facebook Advertising for your business.

We spend every day working on Facebook advertising campaigns for our clients in the motor trade. Monitoring, optimising, tweaking, increasing performance, split testing creative and anything we need to do to hit our performance goals. We can help you by:

Focusing on ROI for your business . We’re obsessed about how much revenue and profit we can help you to generate.

Finding the right customers through advanced targeting.

Design Facebook ads that convert.

Creating a winning Facebook Ads Strategy.

Our team of Facebook ad specialists have an incredible track record for getting great results.

No long-term contracts or hidden fees.

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Let us implement our Facebook ad strategy into your automotive business

Over the last few years we’ve helped car dealers and car finance companies generate revenue and scale their businesses by taking over their social media and paid marketing campaigns.

Highly qualified leads = Higher Approval Rates

We’re only interested in generating revenue for our clients, not likes and smiley faces. And unlike all other agencies we know, not a high volume of low quality leads. We generate high quality leads that are more likely to convert.

Reliable, predictable and scalable

We create campaigns that deliver sales on a consistent basis, that you can rely on and predict the growth of your business with confidence. How often have you been able to do that with your marketing spend in the past?


No smoke and mirrors. You’ll know exactly what leads and clients SocialTap have acquired for you. We’ll supply you with monthly reports that will show you the exact ROI from our work together.

Quick turnaround

We know the automotive industry and we know what how to get results. In most cases, we can get your campaigns up and running and start getting you leads through the doors within 7 days.

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What we do for our clients

Build, manage and constantly optimise all your ad campaigns

The basics of what all good agencies should do, we just do it better. We’ll be testing multiple audiences, ad creatives, ad copies, bid strategies at any one time to see what delivers the best results. We’ll continue this process throughout us managing your campaigns.

Avatar research

Who is your target market (subprime, near prime, prime)? What motivates them? How do we find them? We use a number of advanced techniques to take the guesswork out of audience creation.

Implement a robust tracking process

This includes using Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, your existing CRM/DMS and advanced techniques like UTM parameters. We track everything down to ad level so we understand which ads and campaigns are working (from an ROI perspective) and which aren’t. This gives us the right information to scale your campaigns with confidence.

Write all your ad copy

Something that no agencies do, we write all your ad copy for you. We have a team of copywriters who have written thousands of winning ads for our clients. They’ll research your ideal buyer, your business, your messaging and write high converting Facebook ads that are specific to the audience we’re targeting.

Create attention grabbing ad creatives

Using a fleet of custom imagery and videos at scale, using all of the available placement sizes on Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network to make potential clients stop scrolling and take notice.

Provide you with meaningful reports

Not full of fluff to try and justify what we’ve done. Our reports are filled with the important information you need to understand if we’ve done a great job, and to help you make informed decisions to grow your business.

Create standalone landing pages and/or optimise your existing landing pages

We’ll work with you to ensure your landing pages deliver results. Identifying and implement ways to remove friction from application forms and increase conversions rates to get you more leads/better returns from your ad spend budget.

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