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Facebook Ads for Car Finance Brokers & Car Dealerships that convert leads into sales.

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Our results speak for themselves. Our 2021 numbers look like...


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Get better leads.
Do more deals.
Sell more cars.

Facebook ads have the power to drive traffic to your business, convert leads and increase sales. But if your marketing agency isn’t a motor industry expert, chances are you’re wasting money on expensive ads, inconsistent results and poor quality leads.

Save yourself the hassle: work with SocialTap instead.

Working exclusively with clients in the motor trade, we’ve pretty much written the manual on creating, testing, monitoring and optimising data-led, targeted ad campaigns that attract consistent, high-quality leads, boost car sales and make you money.

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Target Your Audience

Find your ideal customers through advanced customer targeting.

Build Your Brand

Get user-friendly content, including images to videos, to engage your audience.

Increase Your Leads

Generate between 300 - 3000 high-quality leads every month.

Analyse Your Results

Get analytical reports to help you tweak and improve your targeted ad campaigns.

Make More Sales

Increase revenue and make more profit to generate an impressive ROI.

Burn Some Rubber

Shift your business up a gear and leave your competitors behind.

Invest in a Facebook Ad strategy that actually works.

By managing their social media and paid marketing campaigns, we help car dealerships and car finance brokers.

Get results faster

We get your campaigns up, running and gaining new leads within 7 days.

And as we work exclusively in the motor industry, we know what gets results.

Find quality leads

Our data-driven campaigns result in quality leads, not likes and love heart emojis.

Quality leads that convert, sell more cars and make you money.

Track results easier

Your monthly reports show you the leads you’ve accrued from our campaigns, and the ROI you’re getting.

All in language that’s easy to understand.

Our Facebook Ads will help you sell more cars.

No fluff. No bull. Just great results - jump on a call and start now.

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We’re the only Facebook Ad Agency that does all of this for you:

Build, manage and optimise ad campaigns

We test multiple audiences, creatives, ad copiesand bid strategies to see what delivers the best results. And we do this from scratch for all your ad campaigns.

It’s what all agencies should do, we just do it better.

Write customer-focused, targeted ad copy

Ourwriters research your ideal buyer, business and messaging to help them write Facebook ads that find your audience and turn them into paying clients.
No adagency does this. Except us, of course.

Implement an in-depth tracking process

Weuse Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, CRM/DMS and advanced techniques, like UTM parameters.

Basically, we track everything, so you understand which ads and campaigns are working (from a ROI perspective).

Create attention-grabbing, tailored ads

We use images and videos, customised to fit several platforms, including Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network.

Making potential clients stop mid-scroll to check out what you do.

Generate easy-to-read, meaningful reports

Our reports are filled with the important information needed to understand the great job we’re doing, so you can make informed decisions that’ll grow your business.

No fluff. No bullshit.

Create and optimise landing pages

We work with you to ensure your landing pages deliver results. Identify and implement ways to remove issues with application forms. And increase conversion rates to get you more leads and better returns from your investment.

A guy from SocialTap at work.

£1 million in car sales commission





Over 18 months we worked with a well-known broker and helped them to earn just over £1 million in car sales commission using Facebook Ads alone.

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£3.3 Million In Ticket Sales

Digital Marketing, Email Marketing, Paid Search

Business type:


Client type:


Since 2018 SocialTap helped the client gain some impressive ticket sales. So far, we helped them achieve a huge £3.3 million in ticket sales with an overall Facebook Ad spend of £60,000. On Facebook alone, it has reached 11 million people, with 80,000 followers and 70 million impressions so far.

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What our clients say about working with us

What sets SocialTap apart is their focus on metrics that really matter - Cost per deal.Their team are accessible and responsive, and they genuinely care and take pride in their results. We’re able to benchmark, budget and allocate spending effectively against other channels like paid search, display, etc.

They’ve removed the confusion around paid social advertising, when its complexity was beyond the expertise we could cope with internally.

SocialTap are now seen as an extension of ourselves, all part of the same team.

Motor Market

Without SocialTap generating consistent leads and approvals, we’d sell no cars. Any problems, feedback or ideas - SocialTap are incredibly proactive. The team is very easy to work with, and they are brilliant at everything they do.We’ve built our family-run business because of the work Jorja, Callum and Jon have done for us.

We’re able to sell cars consistently each month and we’re now expanding our team and planning for next year’s growth.

SocialTap has completely changed our business, along with the way and number of cars we sell. Not only was being able to sell cars and grow our business, but the conversations with the team have also been amazing. On a serious note, the main cause of our business growth is SocialTap. 

D&J Motors

We've been subscribed to SocialTap's services for about a month, and they've been brilliant. Their services are fantastic and they clearly outline the plans and strategies they wish to use for your company.

Their response time is also great and they ensure that they always update you on what they're doing. We look forward to a long and healthy relationship with SocialTap.

Would definitely recommend for any businesses looking to successfully advertise on Facebook!

One Click Cars

We are beyond happy with not just the amount, but the quality of leads that the SocialTap team continue to generate for us.

Everything is tracked so that we can predict our business's growth.

VR Car Credit

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Want to see if we can help you get consistent and predicable results?

1. Discovery Call

We’ll find our more about your business and whether we can help you. If the answer is no, we’ll be completely honest about that. If the answer is yes, we’ll walk you through our process and how we work with our clients to help them sell more cars.

2. Questionnaire

We'll ask you a bunch of questions about your sales process, your lending panel and your current marketing metrics to see if we're the right people to help you. If the answer is no, we’ll be completely honest about that.

3. Proposal

If the answer is yes, we’ll walk you through our process and how we work with our clients to help them sell more cars.