How to Use Facebook for Marketing

November 10, 2021

Facebook marketing is quite the niche that every business can master - and should as Facebook is a vast online world that can bring you a lot of visibility. Facebook advertising is essential these days as there have been 2.6 billion active users on this platform in the first quarter of 2020.

As a business owner in the automotive industry or car finance broker, you can increase your targeted audience and leads very easily too. And Facebook is the right platform to do that.

It is a great online platform where you can build targeted Facebook ads, a dedicated to your business page, post relevant content and gradually grow your business.

Learn more on how you can grow your business with Facebook.

Create a business page

This page will be the storefront of your business online. Dedicate a good amount of time to perfect it and make it inviting to the potential customer.

It is easy and free to create a page on Facebook, and it will allow people to find your business and explore its services.

On that page, you can share information such as your website link and contact information, you can create content relevant to your customers and business, make announcements, interact and engage with your customers, as well as get written reviews.

A Facebook business page will help you market yourself and have your product information readily available online.

Find your target audience

Facebook is a great channel to explore and define your target audience. It is important that you know exactly who your customers are in order to create a customer-centric experience and produce valuable content and ads.

People value relevant content and content that answers their questions and problems. They value that the company has taken the time to produce content that they will like and resonate with. This customer-focused experience builds trust and encourages people to purchase your service.

To do that, you will need to analyse the data from your business page and Facebook ads. Have a look at the demographics and at the people that click on your content and pages.

  • What is their age?
  • Do men usually interact with your campaigns? Why?
  • Where are they predominantly based? UK?
  • What kind of job do they have?

Utilising the data and finding out who your customer is, is part of Facebook marketing. Growth comes when you identify the target market that is interested in your product and you give value to them.

Create a content plan

A creative content plan and strategy is also essential when doing marketing on Facebook. Every business owner should plan their posts and content before publishing on social media, no matter the industry. Preparation is key.

What types of content should I post on Facebook, you ask?

Facebook and the car industry need creativity in online advertising. Having a clear understanding of your ideal customer, create content that you know they will enjoy and interact with. For example, as a car dealer you should opt for images of cars that look pristine and visually pleasing to encourage young drivers to buy.

Also, opt for photo posts or video posts as 68% of people prefer to watch videos of a product or service before purchasing.

A content plan is essential when it comes to Facebook marketing, so that you're always prepared to post relevant content.

Build Facebook ads

If you have the budget you should invest in Facebook ads too.

  • You will get data on customers that interact with your ads and are interested in your services
  • You will have a broader reach and increased visibility online.
  • And therefore you will increase sales.

To build a successful Facebook ad, you will have to

  • know who you're targeting and who's interested in your services as you need to ensure clicks and engagement with your ads
  • write compelling copy that inspire people to click, and then interact with your Facebook ad and page.
  • create original and creative visuals for your photo and video ads.
  • continuously test and refine your ads to identify any opportunities or trends.

However, be mindful of campaigning on Facebook because if it is not done right, it can be an expensive procedure.

Luckily, the team at Social Tap are experts in building, optimising and tracking your Facebook ads for your business. We are always here to help you.

Promote your Facebook page yourself

Facebook is a fantastic platform to increase your reach and visibility online. Think about it; who doesn't have Facebook these days?

However, sometimes ads or a Facebook page is not enough to beat competition and increase your influence. Competition is brutal on social media and you want quality customers approaching your business.

This is why you will have to promote your page yourself amongst friends and family. Word of mouth and recommendations will really boost your business online and offline. Marketing is not only achieved online!

Facebook marketing is a niche

Here, at Social Tap we aspire to give our clients the best service that we can. We live and breathe Facebook marketing and we are not afraid to share our knowledge and expertise. We are confident our advice will generate tangible results.

Get in touch.

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