How to advertise on Facebook marketplace cars effectively

November 10, 2021

Facebook marketplace is the place to be if you're looking to buy or sell any type of goods.

What about a car? Yes!

Car dealerships are now using facebook marketplace to sell their cars online, and Facebook ads to boost their car listings. It's because to put a car listing up on facebook marketplace is free with a marketplace partner - aka us! - with ads being the only extra costs. The benefits of selling cars on facebook is that you can find your ideal target audience interested in car trading.

This is where you say 'Wow, tell me more... How can I advertise and sell cars on facebook marketplace?'.

I thought you'd never ask!

Your vehicle listing has to be presentable.

One of the criteria that make facebook ads successful is presentation! Have you ever bought something that looks ugly in the picture? Me neither.

You need to dedicate time to your content and your listings, making them as much visually pleasing as possible. When you're taking a picture of the car, think of the best angles that flatter the vehicle and aim for high quality images. Trust us, these high end images are what sell the car.

The content that you upload on Facebook market matters. It is the first thing potential customers see, and only after they like the car on the facebook ad, are they going to read the rest of the car listing - which is also why you ensure your proposition is enticing.

Also, your video ads have to be shown vertically as most Facebook users use the platform on a mobile.

Although selling cars on Facebook marketplace sounds very promising, you need to put in the work too.

Who are you trying to target with your car ads?

Who is interested in buying used cars from your dealership on Facebook? Who is looking for a car? Who is your true audience?

You can find answers to these questions when you really get to know your audience on Facebook. Look at their age, their location, what they're looking for. It is important that you do in order to increase sales and traffic to your website. You target potential customers with relevant listings and content, to entice them to come back to you and close the deal.

Target specific customers depending on their age, their income or their location. The more you know about who your buyers are, the more you can tailor facebook ads to this segment.

A little trick that we are about to share with you - that works wonders for us too - is to keep tract of your customers' data and use that data for the car ads on Facebook. Track the data of your customers who come to your website through your social media ads, understand who they are and what they're looking for, and subsequently target your new online adverts to this specific and interested to your offerings market segment.

Advertise on various Facebook Groups too

Paid Ads on Facebook is half the job done. We don't do half jobs, we go all the way and create sales conversions for our clients.

These buy and sell groups are the perfect environment for your business to advertise more your car deals. And guess what... it's free over there! These buy and sell groups as well as specialised car groups - in combination with the marketplace - can do wonders for your car dealership because members looking to buy used cars willingly join these groups.

But don't rely on these car dealership groups to make a steady income as they are very unreliable and quite competitive. Consider these pages beneficial for visibility, to put your car sale immediately in front of page members screens, instead of for stable sales and income.

Hope this was useful and you now understand a few things about Facebook marketplace and how to make it work!

If you want amazing Facebook Ads for your car dealership, then you know who to contact!

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