3 strategies to use in automotive digital marketing

November 10, 2021

The automotive industry is a particularly niche market to do marketing in but it doesn’t have to be difficult. Automotive digital marketing can be effective with these three marketing strategies: SEO, PPC and Social media marketing.


SEO is the number one method most businesses in any industry utilise to grow their traffic organically. If you do it right, the fruits of your efforts will be long-term.

  • Increase in quality traffic and leads to your website
  • Better brand visibility and clicks to your website
  • High ROI and less costs
  • Long-term and sustainable growth
  • More value to your business.

SEO is a combination of some very crucial processes: keyword research and strategy, interlinking and building your backlinks, the technical aspect of SEO and SEO content. If these processes are done right, then you increase your ranking on Google reaching the first page on SERPs.


Pay-per-Click (PPC) is a form of advertising where you bid on the best keywords; if someone clicks on one of your ads then you pay a small price on that. It is worth investing in PPC as it drives the targeted traffic to your website and most digital marketing campaigns incorporate PPC.

For a business in the motor industry, if PPC is effective:

  • you get results back almost instantly
  • you increase brand awareness and visibility
  • Google ads can reach targeted audiences
  • the data from Google Adwords can be utilised in your SEO strategy.

PPC needs skill and patience. It can considerably increase your website traffic – especially if combined with a strong SEO strategy that can surpass competition and drive growth. This is because an SEO strategy, if underpinned by PPC data and keywords, can be quite powerful as you use the search terms and keywords that people have clicked on to reach your website.

Here at SocialTap we are experts in creating ads for car dealerships and car finance brokers. We build and manage your ad campaigns in a cost-effective way, to take the pressure off your shoulders and help you reach your business goals.

Social Media

Social media is a well-known and well-used channel for marketing. Social media marketing can also have many benefits to your business.

It can:

  • expand your brand in many different channels online
  • you have an active voice and you’re present
  • you connect and interact with your audience
  • it drives traffic to the website.

Social media such as Facebook and Instagram work very well for car dealerships, as these platforms allow them to reach their target markets and use images and visuals to sell their products. People who are looking for a car are predominantly online and on those platforms.

Social media have proven to increase sales and facilitate potential buyers move down the sales funnel from awareness of the product to considering to buy, all the way to purchase.

Online social platforms are also fantastic in regards to driving interactions and engagement online. Customers who feel seen and connected to the brand are more likely to buy. This approach grows customer loyalty not only sales.

How SocialTap helps you

SocialTap helps people like you in the car industry grow their business. Digital marketing is easy – and we know how to do it for you so that you focus on tasks that matter.

Get in contact with us today.

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