SocialTap Facebook Ads - Why?

You know what Facebook Ads are, don’t you? Sure you do, you see them ALL the time!  They are usually a video or image advertising a brand or promoting a particular service. Mine always seems to be something about dating advice, maybe I should take the hint? 

Facebook Ads gets you in front of your target market!

Facebook currently has more than 1 BILLION active users, it’s easier than you think to get your target audience to engage with your ads. By simply appearing in their newsfeed, you can attract new traffic and new customers, you can also retarget your current customers too – yes this is a thing!

The always-changing Facebook algorithm can make it a challenge to connect organically with potential customers. But Facebook’s micro-targeting features allow you to reach your exact target audience. 

That means you can get your Ads in front of the people who are most likely to want your products or services.

 For example, using the ‘conversion’ objective when you’re first setting up your campaigns, will tell Facebook to go and find the audience that will most likely to fill in an application form.

A Facebook Ads Myth we often hear is that Facebook Ads are too expensive for SME businesses, this is total bollocks!

You Are In Total Control!

 YOU decide the budget, you are in total control of the spending and we can turn Ads on and off at any time. 

In most cases, our customers get that many leads, they want to up their budget and Facebook Ads become their main marketing source. We’re currently getting our clients leads under £3.00! To learn more about how to get 🔥🔥🔥 metrics, click here!

Doesn’t stop there though, I haven’t even mentioned the creative!

This varies from, image carousels, single images, videos, collection ads, dynamic creative adverts. Don’t worry if you think I sound like I’m speaking Mandarin, we’ll be releasing more blogs explaining all these cool words. 

But with this creative, you have a lot of freedom, within reason. Like you can’t just sell your product using naked women, that’s not very sensible, is it? 

But you’re free to create your own copy, headlines, description, add in some cheesy emojis everyone loves them. 

So I suggest that you stop finding excuses not to advertise on Facebook because the pros outweigh the cons, but if you need more convincing check out our latest video.

If you want a KILLER Facebook Ads, then you know who to contact!

Written By Georgia Tizley