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A picture of a funny Facebook review

In an ideal world, you’re going to get 500+ 5* Facebook reviews. But in reality, we all know that it’s extremely difficult to maintain ridiculously high levels of service 100% of the time. Or you might just get that annoying little shit of a customer that just loves to cause carnage. Either way, lots of businesses will have a negative review somewhere. So, for this blog, we will openly tell you how to deal with them.

Before we get into the gritty stuff, one thing you should know is, completely getting rid of bad Facebook is a bit like Mission Impossible, just without the lasers and guns.

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How much do you rely on social proof? you see, the like count on an Instagram post is just a marker, in a way like people queuing outside a shop or seeing a busy restaurant as you’re walking by. 

It feeds the little sheep 🐑 inside of us and we think “I want to be part of that club!”

And we take notice of ads and posts more that have tons and tons of likes and naively think, “wow, this must be important, the world and its mother loves this.”

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