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The Power Of A Thank You Page 💪

Having no thank you page, or a poor quality thank you page, is like going on a drive and forgetting your keys. You aren’t getting

The Keys To Retargeting! 🔑

Want to know the key factors of retargeting? – Well, retargeting or Remarketing is an element of advertising that every company, no matter the size,

What is a Facebook Pixel? 🧐

Let’s talk about the Facebook Pixel. Have you ever been scrolling through your Facebook or Instagram feed and see an Ad that you think is

UGC – The New GOAT of FB Ads!! 🐐

In this video, we talk about the new GOAT of Facebook Advertising – User Generated Content (UGC). We explain different types of UGC, how to

Meet your new best friend, Retargeting

Today, we explain everything you need to know about Retargeting, and why everyone should be doing it, especially car dealers and finance brokers. Retargeting is