How can a Facebook advertising agency benefit your business

November 10, 2021

Marketing for the automotive industry can be a quite niche sector to work in. What works for other businesses does not always work, for example, for a car dealership.

What does work is Facebook advertising. The automotive industry highly benefits from this platform, and it's because customers looking for a car or a car finance broker are usually on this platform.

Learn more on how you can benefit from a Facebook agency and grow your business.

Why Do You Need a Facebook Advertising agency?

An agency specialising in Facebook ads can take a lot of pressure off your shoulders and allow you to focus on tasks that matter. It can also benefit you in many other ways such as:

You can find your ideal audience

Generally, in marketing, finding your ideal audience and your target market is essential before starting any marketing activities.

This is because you need to be aware of whom you are talking to through your communication channels and who is there interested in your brand, content and product.

When you know exactly who they are and their demographics, you are able to tailor your brand voice to their needs, give your ideal customers what they want from your business, and most importantly give them value.

Through Facebook ads, you are able to find your ideal customer as you have to choose who will receive your ad on their screen based on demographics and interest. It may need a bit of tweaking in the beginning until your ad receives enough clicks, but an expert agency like us can do that for you.

More targeted traffic through ads

SEO and ads attract traffic but different types of traffic. SEO attracts organic and relevant traffic while ads attract targeted traffic, people you specifically chose to visit your website after being aware of it through an ad.

Most businesses use a combination of the two to maximise traffic. Specifically, Facebook ads attract potential leads from a different platform as well, adding to the overall sum.

Traffic is key in terms of spreading the word and becoming more renown in the car industry.

Less costs

Not everyone is an expert in Facebook advertising and not everyone can get it right in the beginning. Until you play around and determine which keywords work best for your business and which drive the most clicks, you will lose money. Which is why most people have a budget before they start this process.

But with experience, you can avoid this. An agency expert in PPC and Facebook ads can easily build ads for you that increase clicks and traffic to your website, without breaking the bank. They know exactly what works in the industry and what doesn't, which means less costs for you for your campaigns.

Rapid increase in growth

A perk of advertising online - whether with Google ads or Facebook ads - is that you gain visibility fast. You target the right people, and they visit your website as the ad grabs their attention. You see quick growth, change and results.

With boosted visibility on SERPs, you have increased traffic, which engages with your website and increases sales.

Data, data, data.

Data collection is very important. You can get a lot of input and insights into your customers and how they find you. Using that data you can better strategise your next campaign and tweak any ads that don't perform well. WIth data, you are able to collect data, refine and become better.

Which is exactly how a marketing agency does it.

What can SocialTap do for you

We are a Facebook ads agency for the automotive industry. We help businesses like yours get online visibility through unique ads on Facebook. We build them, we optimise them and we track them for you in order to bring quality traffic and leads to your business.

Let's get to work.

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