About SocialTap

About SocialTap

We help businesses get real, tangible results from Social Media. We mean like sales, not likes, comments and smiley faces.

We also do it in a way so that your business can rely on and predict the returns, not great results one week and zero the next.

Likes, Comments and Smiley Faces don’t pay the bills, but quality enquiries that convert do! So who cares how many Facebook Likes, Instagram Followers or MySpace Friends you have?

We use Facebook’s Advertising Platform and the expansive profiling and targeting features it offers to identify and source your target audiences and serve these audiences with highly engaging and persuasive ad campaigns that deliver results.

We create Facebook Ad campaigns and strategies that you can rely on and predict the growth of your business with confidence. How often have you been able to do that with your marketing spend in the past?

Who we work with

Although we have extensive experience in the Car Finance sector, we also help clients in a wide range industries in delivering ROI focused strategies and campaigns.

If you’d like to see a case study that relates to your business and objectives, please get in touch. We live and die by the results we get for our clients and we’re proud to show them off!

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