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The #1 Facebook Ad Agency for the motor industry, helping businesses in the motor industry convert cold leads into red-hot sales.

One way to do that is with eye-catching Facebook ad campaigns.

Ad campaigns help you stand out from the crowd and reach customers desperate to buy from you. So, when you pay good money to a marketing agency for Facebook and social media advertising, you expect:

  • High click-through rates
  • Quality leads
  • Consistent results
  • Great return on investment

But if you’re working with an agency and all you’re getting are:

  • Likes and smiley emoji reactions and no click-throughs
  • Poor quality leads
  • Inconsistent results
  • Expensive ads with poor ROI

Chances are you’re working with a one-size-fits-all marketer who doesn’t understand the motor trade but loves your cash lining their pockets.

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Why work with us?

Unlike other Facebook Ad Agencies, we work exclusively with clients in the motor industry, which means we:

  • Scrutinise industry data on a large scale
  • Understand what marketing works for automotive clients
  • Know where your ideal customers are and what engages them to take action
  • Have the knowledge and tools to turn leads into sales

The result?

You spend less, get more from your marketing budget and sell more cars.

But that’s not all.

We also manage your social profiles and ad campaigns for you, saving you time and confusion. And as we’re innovative in how we work, we constantly adapt our strategies to keep your campaigns fresh and current.

How we deliver results.

We don’t blind you with science by pretending to use some bespoke platform you’ve never heard of or couldn’t give a toss about.

It’s simple: we use Facebook’s Advertising Platform.

Using the comprehensive profiling and targeting features Advertising Platform offers, we identify and source your ideal customers - then target them with mouth-watering, engaging and persuasive content and campaigns that get more eyes on your business.

Getting you results excites and motivates us because if your business grows and makes you money, we’re doing our job right.

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No fluff.
No bullshit.
Just great results.

Our core values

We lead

We don’t look at what our competitors are doing and copy their approach.

We do things our way, and our competitors start copying us.

We're clear

We’re open, honest and say it as it is - even if it's not necessarily what you want to hear.

No fluff, no bullshit - just great results.

We’re passionate

We're obsessed with seeing progress and getting you the best results.

We do things differently and do more than just manage your Facebook campaigns.

We’re accountable

We don't shirk responsibility. We’re always looking at what we could be doing better first.

And if we need to improve, we own it.

We embrace failure

Sounds strange, doesn't it. But failing is at the core of everything we do.

Failure lets us see what doesn’t work, so we can do things even better.

We get results

We don’t have the time or the energy to employ or work with timewasters. Period.

If you want results that make an impact and get results, work with us.

Our results speak for themselves. Our 2020 numbers look like...


Automotive Clients


Leads Generated


Sales Revenue

What car dealers say about working with us

We've been subscribed to Social Tap's services for about a month, and they've been brilliant. Their services are fantastic and they clearly outline the plans and strategies they wish to use for your company.

Their response time is also great and they ensure that they always update you on what they're doing. We look forward to a long and healthy relationship with Social Tap.

Would definitely recommend for any businesses looking to successfully advertise on Facebook!

One Click Cars

We are beyond happy with not just the amount, but the quality of leads that the SocialTap team continue to generate for us.

Everything is tracked so that we can predict our business's growth.

VR Car Credit

Want to see if we can help you get consistent and predicable results?

1. Discovery Call

We’ll find our more about your business and whether we can help you. If the answer is no, we’ll be completely honest about that. If the answer is yes, we’ll walk you through our process and how we work with our clients to help them sell more cars.

2. Questionnaire

We'll ask you a bunch of questions about your sales process, your lending panel and your current marketing metrics to see if we're the right people to help you. If the answer is no, we’ll be completely honest about that.

3. Proposal

If the answer is yes, we’ll walk you through our process and how we work with our clients to help them sell more cars.