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In this video, I walk through exactly why advertising on Snapchat is a no brainer for many of our car dealers and finance brokers.

Snapchat offers access to a unique audience and prices way below more traditional platforms like Facebook.

And it’s not all teenagers either

Snapchat ads

Snapchat marketing

How to market on snapchat

How to run Snapchat ads

Snapchat advertising

Marketing for car dealers

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Today, we’re talking all about Snapchat ads, and why you should be advertising on them. 

That’s a good enough introduction, nice and straightforward, so let’s get started. 

Now, the first reason is, it’s because nobody else is. 

I know that might sound a little bit strange, but if you think about brands that did exceptionally well with things like PPC, SEO, Facebook, and social media, it was the early adopters. It was the people that got in there first when it was easier to get positions on Google when traffic on Facebook was cheap when it was easy to build big organic audiences, and Snapchat’s in that same place right now, especially from a paid marketing point of view. We’ll go onto some of those reasons a little bit later.

 The second reason is that the highest-growing age bracket in terms of users on Snapchat right now is 25- to 34-year-olds, which is a real core market for car dealers and finance brokers.

 In fact, there are 5.1 million active users in this bracket right now, and also, there’s the ability to target car shoppers or automotive shoppers specifically on Snapchat, and at the moment, there are 1.6 million people that fall into that category. Again, a great benefit of using Snapchat ads is the ability to target those individuals which we don’t necessarily have on Facebook, and we have to be clever about how we find those people. 

The third thing is, traffic and impressions are ridiculously cheap.

 If you compare it to Facebook and Instagram, some people say it’s sometimes as low as a fifth of the cost, so you can reach five times as many people for the same amount of money. At the moment, we’re seeing anything between it being 50% cheaper up to around about 60, 70% cheaper to do that. 

The fourth thing is, you’ve got similar capabilities on Snapchat to Facebook. 

So first of all, you have a pixel which can track traffic and track what people are doing. One of the recommendations I give you is, get that on your website as soon as possible so you can start tracking those people hitting your site. We also have the ability to run campaigns into custom audiences, and create lookalike audiences, and also, the story ads that you would create on Snapchat are the same placement sizes as they would be on Facebook and Instagram too, so it’s really easy to port your story ad placements over to Snapchat. The one little warning I give with that is, on Snapchat, you don’t have the benefit of having ad copy like you would on Facebook, so you’ve got to make sure that your videos really do explain what your 

product or service is, and tell people what you want them to do next, so you might need to change some of your creative around on that. 

So we’re really seeing some great results for our clients right now on Snapchat, but as always, it should form part of a larger strategy, you know. I wouldn’t necessarily say go and put all your efforts into Snapchat right now. We feel like the perfect marketing mix, really, is where people see your brand in multiple places, and again, one of the great benefits that we’ve got, because we have pixels on Facebook and on Snapchat, we can retarget traffic from either source on the alternative channel too.

 So again, think about how you can incorporate Snapchat into your existing strategy, and get the most out of it. You might just use it for a retargeting platform because it’s a lot cheaper to retarget people on Snapchat than it is on Facebook, or you may use it as your acquisition source and retarget on Facebook, or you can do both, but if you have any more questions about Snapchat marketing, and you want to pick our brains, feel free to send us a message. 

We’d be happy to help.

Car dealers and finance brokers!

Here are some tips about how to manage marketing during lockdown.

Right now attention and traffic is cheap because everyone else has stopped marketing out of fear.

By doing that they’re doing more harm than good.

We’ve been taking our clients through these steps to make sure they don’t just survive what’s going on right now but continue to generate leads and sales and have a full pipeline ready to come out the other end of lockdown and thrive.

This video covers:

5 marketing tips for car dealers

5 marketing tips for finance brokers

Sales for car dealers

Sales for finance brokers

If you’d like our help to take advantage of the opportunity there is right now to get cheaper leads and attention and scale your business using paid social media then click the link below to speak with one of the team.


Full Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Jon Wilson from SocialTap. 

We help car dealers and finance brokers sell more cars using Facebook Ads. And today, I just wanted to give a little bit of advice to businesses about how they can manage their marketing during the coronavirus pandemic. 

The main thing that I want to try and do is help businesses fill up their pipeline during this period so that when things go back to normal when we’re through the other side of it, business can go back to normal as quickly as possible.

Now, for starters, I just wanted to say that we’re seeing great results for clients at the moment who are still trading and still looking to run direct response campaigns, driving finance applications and car purchases and what have you.

The cost per lead and the cost per acquisition has dropped dramatically for a number of reasons which we’ll go on later in this video to explain. 

So if you are still trading, then now is a good time to start Facebook campaigns and if you need any help with this, then send us a message and we’d be happy to discuss that with you. 

For those that aren’t then again, hopefully, the tips that we’re going to give now are going to help you get things in order so that you come out the backside of this and you’re coming back into a full pipeline and again, hopefully, get back to business as quickly as possible. 

Tip 1️⃣: 

First of all, tip number one is about auditing your existing marketing. So simple things like we’re seeing car dealers at the moment that are still running ads about getting people into the showroom or handover pictures. It’s not really relevant right now. So take those down. 

Tip 2️⃣:

The second thing is it’s a great opportunity to work on areas of your marketing strategy that have been neglected. Things like your website and how that looks and the content on it. SEO. Email automations. Frankly, building an email list, which is really important, especially now with everything that’s going on right now. If you’re spending time to try and build up a substantial email list, that will become very, very valuable. These things may take a little bit of time to pay off but now is the perfect time to start on them. 

Tip 3️⃣: 

The third thing is on your website, and any collateral, make expectations very clear about delivery times and what have you. Just because if you’re a car dealership, if you’ve been forced to close, doesn’t mean that you need to stop marketing. It doesn’t mean that you have to shut completely. You should be busy now thinking about the future and what you can do to make sure things are going to be as busy as possible for you out the other end of it. 

Tip 4️⃣:

The fourth thing is brand awareness. Now, as you can imagine, a lot of your competitors have gone into hiding. A lot of marketers have pulled their ad budgets back, which means that the cost of traffic, of impressions, has dropped dramatically on Facebook right now. So it’s a perfect time to fill the top of your funnel with traffic at a lower cost than it would have been a couple of months ago.

 I’d imagine that traffic and impressions are probably at their lowest cost for a number of years right now. So it’s beneficial to take advantage of that. 

Be the company that in two, three months’ time, when somebody wants to buy a car, you’re the first business that they think of because during this period of time, rather than turn your ads off completely or rather than turn off all your marketing, you’ve been the business that has been brave and has decided to be the company that people remember in a couple of months’ time when they need to get a new car. 

Tip 5️⃣:

And the fifth thing is to be patient. Sort of interlinked with the last tip that we gave, not everybody is going to want to buy a car right now but they will do eventually. And if you’re the company that’s been front and centre over the last few months, while people are spending more time on their phones, on social media, then you’ve got a far better chance of being the company that they remember in a few months’ time. 

And if you couple it with all the other things that we’ve mentioned, building an email list, making sure your website’s up to scratch, spending time on SEO, and even just regularly posting content from your Facebook and Instagram channels, it will pay off in the long run because again, a lot of your competitors are probably sat there maybe feeling sorry for themselves because they’ve had to shut their doors and counting down the days ’til they can reopen again. 

Again, if you put all these tips into practice, We guarantee things will be better for you. You will walk in, on whatever day it will be, with a better chance of having a full pipeline and again, as I mentioned to you before, we’re still seeing great results from a number of our clients’ campaigns.

The cost per lead is dropping dramatically. Contact rates are through the roof. So if you are still wanting to run traffic or generate leads for your business at this moment in time, then give us a call or send us a message and we’d be happy to have a chat with you about it.